Red Koi Box presents
Gourmet Legacy

The first food themed Roguelite RPG game where your firepower is as important as your cooking skill. Prepare to dine edition.

AKA The hunting areas.
Biomes are the vast areas where Wonder-Chefs hunt their preys and gather ingredients exclusive to the specific zone of the HeadCheese continent they belong to. There are 6 Biomes that have by now been discovered: Forest biome ( Sour Bitter Forest) , Grassland biome ( Green Sauce Plain), Swamp (Swampamole marsh), Desert biome ( Harsh But Sweet Desèrt ), Ice biome ( Frosting Mountain Range) , Cave biome. ( Macaroni Holes), Aquatic biome ( Rich’o’fish Lake) .
Fighting your way through adversities.
For hundreds of years Wonder-Chefs have gathered their needed ingredients by themselves, venturing through the rough biomes of the HeadCheese continent in search of the best constituents for the perfect meal. Only the toughest and bravest of them all succeed in their quest! The rest of them either go out of business or “leave their restaurant to their heir”, to put it in a friendly way. Will you succeed in becoming a starred Wonder-Chef? Or will you hope your children will pick up the family activity?
Hunting Ingredients Yourself.
Ingredibeasts and Veggiemals form the whole fauna of the HeadCheese continent.
Each biome has it’s own specific creatures living in it. They adapted to the ecosystem they were born in, and therfore most of them can only be found in specific areas or conditions in the various biomes. Wonder-Chef’s hunting abilitiies are also determined by their knowledge of a biome and the fauna that is bound to it.Will you be able to discover and hunt down all species spread or hidden thoughout the continent?
Because death is part of the game.
What happened? Did you fail in your quest to glory and have fallen to the hands of a wild beast? Well, did you at least remember to fulfill your basic duties as a human being? Well done! Then you shan’t worry, your activity is in safe hands! Upon death your restaurant and activities will be taken over by your favourite offspring chosen by you among your progeny. Apples don’t fall too far from the tree, but this doesn’t mean your heir has to be just like you were, so combat and cooking style may change completely!
You are the cook, creativity is the key!
Cooking is a core part of every Wonder-Chef’s life. The ability of a cook is determined by how adequately the ingredients are chosen , prepared and then paired together in the plate. All preparation steps are equally important, as quality is the key word when talking about food in this continent. Slicing, dicing, grilling, frying etc… each ingredient is unique, has it’s own rating and can be prepared in so many ways! Train you cooking skills to become the best Wonder-Chef of them all!!!
Serving food is a profitable job.
Wonder-Chefs are the Stars of the HeadCheese continent. Not only they keep the people safe from the many dangers crowling around in the neighboring areas, they also provide nourishment to wanderers and usual customers by managing all restaurants. Choose your menu, evolve it by inventing new recipes as the limit is your imagination! Set the ideal price for each meal and let your Wagoon earn you some well deserved coin! Your restaurant will keep serving clients untill storage drought and earn you money passively while you're playing or even while you’re not!
Bring in your pals to co-op or challenges.
Tired of hunting by yourself? Is your little sibling annoying you to play along?Do you feel you’d need help carrying all of that equipment? Well luckily for you there’s an easy solution for that: bring someone along!!! Tagging along a partner makes everything twice as easy! Explore a biome with a friend or join forces in the Arena to reach stages never before seen! Either way, the more the merrier, so what are you waiting for?
Big Boned
«I fear no man, no Ingredibeast or evil, brother.»
Big Boned
«Yo-Yo the be-ast was like what? And I was like layta!»
«Passion goes. Love goes... but food is forever.»
«I’m the roughest, toughest he-man stuffest hombre that's ever crossed the reign.»
«This is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else.»
«Really really really ridiculously good looking.»
«Can you smell what the cook is cooking?»
Pig Advisor review
«Worst-Place-Ever! Staff was very rude and my food was still alive!!11!»
Chef's response:
«Shut up snowflake! Just learn to appreciate fresh food!»
«Deceased customers can't complain.»

Wise old saying about reviewers on Pig Advisor.

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